High Tech Campus Eindhoven: Overview What’s Inside

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is a thriving hub for innovation and technological advancement. In this article, you’ll get an insightful overview of what lies within its boundaries. 

From cutting-edge research facilities to dynamic startup environments, you’ll learn about the key components that make this place unique. Dive in to discover the vibrant ecosystem.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven: Overview What's Inside
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History and Development

High Tech Campus Eindhoven began in 1998, originally established by Philips as a place for innovation and collaboration. Over time, it grew in size and in the diversity of companies located there.

The idea was to create an environment where researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs could work closely, sharing ideas and speeding up the development process.  

Philips started to open up the campus to other tech companies and startups, turning it into a vibrant hub for innovation. In 2012, the campus was sold to a private consortium, marking a new era of development. 


Today, it hosts over 150 companies. The campus has become a symbol of progress and collaboration in the tech world, continuously evolving to meet the challenges of the future.

How to get there?

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is located in the southern part of the Netherlands, and it’s fairly accessible. If you’re flying in, the nearest airport is Eindhoven Airport. 

From there, you can take a bus or taxi to the campus; it’s about a 15-minute ride. If you prefer taking a train, the Eindhoven Central Station is your stop. 


From the central station, you can hop on a bus that will get you to the campus in around 20 minutes. There’s also ample parking if you’re driving. 

High Tech Campus Eindhoven Core Facilities

High Tech Eindhoven is equipped with various core facilities designed to support innovation and collaboration. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Research Labs: The campus houses state-of-the-art research labs where companies conduct cutting-edge experiments and development projects.
  • Conference Centers: There are multiple versions of a conference center on High Tech Campus Eindhoven for meetings, events, and presentations, equipped with the necessary technology to facilitate smooth proceedings.
  • Co-working Spaces: For startups and freelancers, the campus offers co-working spaces that provide a flexible working environment.
  • Testing Facilities: Companies have access to testing facilities to validate their prototypes and products, ensuring they meet industry standards.
  • Data Centers: The campus boasts robust data centers to handle the vast amounts of data generated and required by the tech companies on-site.
  • Recreational Areas: To foster a balanced work-life atmosphere, there are recreational areas and green spaces where employees can relax and unwind.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: A variety of dining options are available, catering to different tastes and preferences.
  • Retail Stores: There are retail stores on campus, providing convenience for daily necessities.
  • Health and Wellness Centers: Health and wellness centers are available to ensure the well-being of everyone on campus.
  • Support Services: The campus provides an array of support services, including legal advice, HR, and financial services, to assist companies in their operations.

What makes them stand out?

The core facilities at High Tech Campus Eindhoven stand out for several reasons:

  • Advanced Equipment: The research labs and testing facilities have state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that companies can perform cutting-edge experiments and product development.
  • Flexibility: The co-working spaces and conference centers offer flexible options to suit different needs, catering to startups, freelancers, and established companies alike.
  • Comprehensive Support: With data centers, legal, HR, and financial services all available on-site, companies have access to comprehensive support for smooth operations.
  • Collaborative Environment: The design of the campus encourages collaboration, with open spaces and communal areas that foster networking and knowledge sharing.
  • Convenience: With restaurants, cafes, and retail stores within easy reach, the campus provides a convenient and comfortable working environment.
  • Wellness Focus: The availability of health and wellness centers underscores a commitment to the well-being of everyone on campus.
  • Sustainability: The campus is dedicated to green initiatives, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.

These factors together make the core facilities at Eindhoven High Tech exceptional, supporting innovation and business growth in a unique way.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven: Overview What's Inside
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High Tech Campus Eindhoven startup environments

Eindhoven Tech Campus provides a thriving environment for startups, full of opportunities and resources. 

  • Co-Working Spaces: There are various co-working spaces designed to accommodate the dynamic needs of startups. These spaces foster a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Networking Opportunities: Startups have ample opportunities to network with established companies and other innovators on campus, opening doors for partnerships and collaborations.
  • Access to Expertise: Being in proximity to global tech giants and research labs, startups can tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
  • Funding and Investment: The campus is a hotspot for investors looking for promising startups, providing potential access to funding.
  • Mentorship Programs: There are mentorship programs available, where experienced professionals guide and advise startup entrepreneurs.
  • Innovation Ecosystem: The campus itself is a vibrant innovation ecosystem, encouraging startups to push boundaries and think out of the box.
  • Support Services: Startups have access to a range of support services, including legal, HR, and financial advice, helping them navigate the complexities of running a business.

Prominent High Tech Campus Eindhoven Companies

Eindhoven Campus is home to a diverse range of companies, from global giants to innovative startups. Some of the most prominent include:

  • Philips: Originally the founder of the campus, Philips continues to have a significant presence, focusing on health technology.
  • ASML: A leader in the semiconductor industry, ASML is renowned for its advanced lithography systems used in chip manufacturing.
  • NXP Semiconductors: Specializing in automotive and connectivity solutions, NXP is a key player in the semiconductor sector.
  • Intel: With a focus on research and development, Intel’s presence bolsters the campus’s reputation in cutting-edge technology.
  • IBM: Engaged in various technology and consulting services, IBM plays a crucial role in the campus’s innovation ecosystem.

These companies contribute significantly to the campus’s vibrancy and innovation culture, making it a tech hub of global repute.


High Tech Campus Eindhoven stands out as a leading tech hub, fostering innovation and collaboration. Its diverse range of companies creates a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. 

The campus’s core facilities, including state-of-the-art labs, co-working spaces, and comprehensive support services, provide everything needed for tech companies to thrive. 

The accessibility of the campus, coupled with its commitment to sustainability and well-being, adds to its appeal.